Back Once Again

Back Once Again

Finally I can update this blog after what seems like a long time with so much to write about and no tools to be able to do so with. We have a new complicator, and though I have shook hands with the machine, it is fair to say that we have not yet become best friends, as everything is taking me an absolute age because I am not used to the operating system or specific peculiarities with this laptop (such as the shift button being half the regular size, so me always hitting another key to type any capital letters), so this post has taken far longer to write than you might expect, or I would hope. Still, I hope to get used to it in time, but whilst I do I will try and keep any cursing in my head, rather than in my posts.

Whilst I was on my enforced technology holiday, I actually completed quite a few projects. Some have sadly gone away to recipients without first being photographed, but others are waiting to have their pictures taken.
For now I only have one picture to share. I ordered some yarn just yesterday, and today it arrived bright an early with the postman. This yarn is for one of a number of magazine commissions I have lined up for the new year, so represents to me good things ahead for the new year, and lots of new opportunities for projects and creativity. Here’s to the end of a good creative year and the beginning of an even better one.

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