WIP: Cross Stitch Deer Motif Decoration

WIP: Cross Stitch Deer Motif Decoration
I have had thoughts of Christmas in my head lately. It’s as much to do with a necessity of planning as anything else, as presents have been needed to be bought on a bit of a tight schedule and delivered to people way ahead of time as family and friends are scattered far and wide. 
Another fun part of the Christmas preparations is the thought of decorating the home, and alongside shop bought decorations I want to mark our year with something handmade, and so I have decided to make a decoration or two to add to the tree this year.

This is a small Cross stitched motif taken from the book A Rainbow Of Stitches, shown on the pages in a single colour but worked by me in a combination of turquoise for the wreath of leaves, and white for the reindeer head. I used a piece of waste canvas to stitch onto a piece of felt which I will turn into a bauble of sorts to hang on our white and turquoise tree.

I always underestimate how much time it will take me to complete a cross stitch project, so this seemed like a bit of a slog towards the end, though it was very rewarding to finally remove the strands of waste canvas and see the design in all its glory. The waste canvas grabbed onto the surface of the felt a little when I tried to remove it, but once a few strands were free it came apart with a little more freedom under the helping pinch of a pair of tweezers.

I have a couple more Christmas decorations to make as I am taking part in the FMSI Ornament Swap, though as I can’t risk any spoilers getting spotted by my swappee, they’ll have to wait until after they have been received before I post about them. Can’t be too careful now!

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