Two Christmas Stockings In Print

Two Christmas Stockings In Print

Last week a copy of the 10th issue of Simply Knitting arrived through my door and I finally got to see the pictures and layouts of my two designs in the accompanying Hand Knit Christmas book. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the book which has quite a few nice designs and which sits perfectly on the book shelf.

Inside, the pictures that I had been looking forward to were beautifully staged, and the patterns nicely laid out.

The other reason that I had been looking forward to receiving the issue was so that I could get the patterns uploaded to Ravelry, as I wasn’t entirely certain what the magazine had changed the names of the designs to, but as soon as I had the confirmation Star Stocking and Cool Stocking were entered into the Ravelry database and I could update my projects page with the sample knits created for the magazine.

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