New Pattern And FO: Frosty Stocking

New Pattern And FO: Frosty Stocking

This unusual Christmas stocking features in the Christmas Knitting booklet included with the most recent issue of Simply Knitting, which also happens to be the 100th issue. Knit from soft and luxurious Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK this is quite a ‘grown up’ stocking, and designed to be a feature of the home decoration during the festive season. The addition of the scalloped cuff and two little pompoms makes the stocking unapologetically feminine in its details, and the subtle colour palette keeps the design modern and yet classic. I had an idea of a sort of Victorian ideal of decoration when putting the design of this stocking into place, as I wanted it to have the air of what might have been a family heirloom, something handed down from one generation to the next.

I moved quite far from the traditional green, red and gold colours of Christmas tradition with this stocking, firstly to give a greater sense of elegance to the piece but also to reflect my favourite element of the winter season – the cold frost and snow that lets us get out all of our hand knits to wrap up warm against the British Weather.

The inspiration for this came from my own Christmas decorating theme. Last year was the first I had spent with Mr Awesome, and as we moved into our new flat in December we arrived with no past decorations, and so had to start from scratch. Having to start from scratch and without wanting to spend too much money, we had to get all new decorations.

Somewhere, during our hunt for a perfect Christmas tree, I let Mr Awesome convince me that no, a traditional Christmas tree was a bit boring, and why go for green when we could have white?

I have to admit that I was hugely sceptical, but once it was bedecked with two long strings of white LED lights and strewn with ribbons and baubles all in shades of silver, blue and turquoise it was magical. A bright and frosty ice cave of magic seemed to appear in our living room and I loved it so much that I didn’t insist we get a green tree this year.

The actual patterning on this stocking takes inspiration from the patterns that frost makes on a cold window in the morning. It’s a simple repeating pattern that runs in bands of changing colours. It’s a fabulously easy piece of colourwork as there are never more than a few stitches of any one colour, never are there more than two colours used on a single row and the pattern repeat is small and easy to memorise.

I loved knitting and designing this stocking, and it’s become one of my favourite FOs to date. It has appeared in Simply Knitting under a changed name: ‘Cool Stocking’, but I think of it as being more Frosty, because frost and snow will always be magical to me.

Pattern: Cool Stocking by Mimi Hill
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in shades White, Cream, Silver, Soft Teal and Slate Blue

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