The Return Of The Lonesome Yarn

The Return Of The Lonesome Yarn

Don’t you worry, when the time is right they will not look forlorn, but leap onto your needles in haste to become *something*.

Vivianne was right. After a few days of wondering where my inspiration had gone to, those balls of yarn did leap upon the needles a couple of days ago and the idea was fully formed and on its way to becoming an actual design.

This is actually a great starting point for me. For a couple of years now I have had an idea brewing in the back of my mind for a collection of patterns that take their starting point from various traditions in history, each pattern with an accompanying accessory.

I’m so glad that this idea, after two years, has taken its first tentative steps to maybe, just maybe, becoming a reality. So, maybe this yarn didn’t want to work last week, because in the back of my head I perhaps knew that it needed to be used for this design.


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