FO: Wild Rose

FO: Wild Rose

A colleague at work asked last week if I would possibly consider knitting a flower for a hat of hers. All of her favourite walking hats featured flowers, but she had one particularly warm hat without a floral decoration on and wondered if I’d mind knitting one to adorn it.

The hat was blue with a little white detailing on the edge, so we decided on a white flower with a yellow centre to coordinate. I had a few flowers to choose between from the book ‘100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet‘ by Lesley Stanfield, but the one that looked prettiest to me was the anemone. This flower turned out slightly differently to the one in the book as I knit the petals in a single colour, and I think that it ended up looking like a wild rose (or dog rose).

I finished this quick 60 minute knit by sewing a brooch back onto a 3cm circle of white felt and sewing this onto the back of the flower. I could have blocked the petals of the flower to make them lay flat, but I thought that the slight cusp on the petal edge made the finished item look more organic and gave it an extra dimension of detail by creating a natural shadow between the petals which highlighted the way that they overlapped.

My colleague appeared to like the finished flower when I handed it to her this morning, so hopefully it will adorn her warm hat on a few winter walks now that winter has started to settle in.

Pattern: Anemone by Lesley Stanfield
Yarn: Un-dyed white 4-ply sock yarn (75% wool, 25% nylon)

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