Details, Details

Details, Details

The first of the patterns which I envisioned forming a little collection long, long ago is off the needles and complete. I don’t have a final picture to share and won’t have one until the rest of the patterns are devised, knitted up and finalised ready to publish, but I do have a little detail of the first completed project to share and enjoy.

This band of colour is mostly ornamental, but it does perform a function in that it serves to add a base for an optional row of contrast buttons – a small and unobtrusive detail, but one of those things that in moderation can lift an entire design.

I don’t have the perfect buttons for this knit, but I do hope to be able to visit the famous Duttons for Buttons in a month or so, and though I have no plans or means to go crazy shopping in the Aladdin’s Cave of button jewels, I do think that some well-chosen buttons for a particular project might be in order. My other option would be to make some buttons myself from polymer clay, something I have done for a number of projects when I couldn’t find something perfect in either style or colour.

I also now have a small challenge in what to do with the remainder of the yarn in these two colours. I want to knit small companion projects to release alongside the main patterns, and so my next task will be to sit down and squish some yarn around until an idea pops out.

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