New Pattern And FO: Twisted Flax

New Pattern And FO: Twisted Flax

Twisted Flax is a hat that combines a few simple techniques to create a very decorative finish. Cables and lace merge into one pattern which ends with beautifully decorative decreases at the crown. The design flows seamlessly from the very top of the head to the brim.

The pattern comes in both fully written and fully charted formats, so the knitter may refer to either one or the other (or both) when knitting and has tips and instructions on achieving a custom fit.

The pattern is named Twisted Flax after one of the Egyptian Heiroglyphs used in the BBC Quiz Show Only Connect, just in case any Quiz geeks were wondering. The name was chosen by Mr Awesome, so you can blame him for that.

I’m really pleased with this project and pattern and think it will be the perfect hat for keeping off the blustery Autumn chills of the next few months, and it’s a quick knit over a couple of evenings, so great for gifts as it is speedy and simple without being a boring knit.

Twisted Flax is available on Ravelry now, for $4, or click the button below:

Pattern: Twisted Flax by Mimi Hill
Yarn: Cascade 220 in shade 7826

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