FO and New Pattern: Trilobite Knitted Toy

FO and New Pattern: Trilobite Knitted Toy

My latest finished project and published pattern is for a trilobite! I am so very pleased with this fun little pattern as it is just one of those things I’d be amazed to be given. I would have loved it as a child just as much as I love it now.

Trilobites were a group of arthropods that roamed the sea bed for around 270 million years, eventually becoming extinct about 250 million years ago. They were one of the most diverse and widely dispersed groups of creatures ever studied, and are a favourite of palaeontologists and anyone with an interest in natural history due to the wonderful fossilised specimens that survive.

After acquiring something that my heart had always desired when my very first little trilobite fossil arrived in the safe hands of my postman, I had a hankering for him to have a big brother, and because Mr Awesome is, well, awesome, he bought me a much bigger trilobite.

But what was once a fossil then became a collection, but a collection of two, and it turned out that I wanted an even bigger trilobite, but being expensive I thought that, actually, it would be a great idea for me to design one.

The pattern comes complete with a diagram of the body parts of a typical trilobite, so the knitter can easily identify which body part they are knitting. The trilobite is knit in two parts with the eyes added afterwards. Though instructions are given for eyes similar to those of the larger fossil pictures, little button eyes could be substituted to represent eyes more similar to those in the smaller fossil.

The diagram is also perfect to give with the trilobite of being made for a child or friend, because that way it’s educational and cute!

The pattern is available for download on Ravelry.

Trilobite is available on Ravelry now, for $4, or click the button below:

Pattern: Trilobite by Mimi Hill.
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed Aran

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