WIP: Trilobite Art And A New Acquisition Of Geek perfection

WIP: Trilobite Art And A New Acquisition Of Geek perfection
trilobite fossil

Yesterday I realised a childhood dream and am finally the proud owner of my very own trilobite chum. He may only be just over an inch long, but Bob outranks you in age by around 400 million years.

I’ve always wanted to own a trilobite fossil, and now I have a fascinating piece of natural history to look upon every day.

I’ve been slightly obsessed with trilobites ever since receiving my very first book on fossils when I was about six years old. Since then I have brought trilobites into my crafts a number of times, such as the tutorial I wrote that instructs crafters on how to make their very own trilobite pendant or brooch.

trilobite polymer clay necklace pendant tutorial

A couple of years ago I also stitched a trilobite sampler in cross stitch on a piece of off-white aida.

trilobite cross stitch sampler

I loved this simple piece of stitch work from the free patterns I found on Adventures In Stitching and it hung proudly on my wall for a couple of years before I moved and it didn’t travel with me.

trilobite cross stitch sampler

I have missed this piece of stitched artwork since I lost it so I have decided to re-stitch the design, but this time on a lovely piece of unbleached evenweave linen instead of the aida fabric, for an added touch of elegance.

trilobite cross stitch sampler and fossil

This wrk in progress will probably take a little while to complete as I have a few priority projects to get completed yet, but once I have those cleared from my to-do list I am looking forward to getting this sampler stitched and gracing the wall of our home.

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