WIP: Red, Green & White

WIP: Red, Green & White

The first of my two surprise projects is on the needles. This will probably be the last WIP picture until it  has been completed and the pattern released, as it will soon become apparent what the items actually are and I want to keep the actual design under wraps for a while yet.

Knitting with the smooth, comfortable Debbie Bliss Rialto DK is such a treat, each stitch comfortable sliding into creation on the needles so effortlessly because of the give in the yarn.

I’m knitting this colourwork design on 3.5mm needles, a size or two smaller than the recommended needle size for the yarn, to give a firmer end product, to counteract the natural ‘growth’ the blocked Rialto is known to often result in. I debated about whether to use the brighter scarlet red in the finished design, but decided that the extra pop of colour it gave to the project would bring and extra dimension to the piece.

This project has been designed so that no row will require the use of more than two colours at a time, and any single colour spans a maximum of six or seven stitches at a time, to avoid long yarn floats and to help ensure there is less chance of a restricted gauge and puckered colourwork due to the yarn floats being too tight. I’m having a wonderful time knitting this project now that the design is growing from the ribbed edging and can’t wait to see the design grow from these first few rows as the colourwork elements all fall into place.

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