Camping And Yarn In Keswick

Camping And Yarn In Keswick

This weekend we spent a wonderful three days filled with changeable weather, wine, cider, tents and friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen in a year or more. I spent a little while deciding whether to bring my knitting with me for the short break away, but as I knew I wouldn’t be able to knit during the three and a half hour journey to Thornthwaite near Keswick due to motion sickness I decided to leave my project at home, so that I could give myself fully to catching up with such fun and wonderful friends and not risk dropping stitches of an important colourwork project due to carried away with wine and song.

I didn’t take a camera with me on the trip either, but that was more because I forgot, so the only pictures  I have are of the few goodies I brought home with me. I had hopes of finding at least one little boutique yarn shop in this wool rich area of crafts and artistry, but the only yarn shop I could find in Keswick was a pokey little box room of a store stacked high with tumbling plastic bags full of unpriced various acrylic and novelty yarns, overseen b a woman who looked at me with disdain whilst giving me the cold shoulder in favour of two of her obvious cronies.

I’m not a yarn snob by any means, but I had hoped for something a little special, or at least a warm welcome, but neither was available in the yarn store. A few doors down, however, was a lovely little gift shop called Temporary Measure. Whilst not a yarn store, but a rather a mixture of a tea room and little boutique nick-hacks shop, there was a little open suitcase containing a few lines of Debbie Bliss yarn.

Whilst it is a yarn line that you could pick up in a good number of yarn shops and department stores, it’s a line that I haven’t tried yet, and as I really do enjoy using the Rialto yarn in other weights I was keen to give it a try, so I picked up a couple of balls in a nice graphite colour.

This was my only yarn purchase of the weekend, but I’m happy to have it to squirrel away for a future project. I did pick up a couple of other little treats whilst I was away, though, including some woven clothing tag tape for future gift knits, which I spotted in a wonderful little shop called The Attic, in Grasmere, which I’d recommend to anyone who ever happens to find themselves in the area of one of their three stores.

I have seen lengths of tape for adding to handknits like this before, but it has always seemed to be other pricy. The Attic had this tape for the very reasonable price for £1.50 per metre, so I snapped up a metre each of two different designs. Actually, there was a little less than a metre of one of the designs so the very friendly chap in the store threw that one in for free, so I ended up with a real bargain.

So my purchases were minimal, but I’m very pleased with the couple of lovely things that I have to remember the trip by, and hopefully knitted gifts will be just that little bit more special in the future, and recipients will hopefully remember that all hand knits are always made with love.

7 thoughts on “Camping And Yarn In Keswick”

  • I went to the Lakes about 3 years ago and was very surprised at the lack of yarn shops. I did find that one in Keswick though, I could hear the acrylic crackling from 100 yards away. I didn’t go in!!

  • I know the feeling as I too have been in that yarn “shop” which is more like an unwelcoming store room for the owner sadly. Such a shame that there aren’t any more yarn shops around that area given how much wool you see in the fields 😉

    • Oh yes I too have been in that shop a few times . Its about as welcoming as a slap in the face. Wouldn’t go in again. Going to Lakes in a few weeks will check out Grasmere that tape looks great

  • I live in Keswick, and am always on the lookout for new yarn shops. I think I know the “shop” you mentioned, and you are sooooo …. right to say that you felt unwelcomed. I felt the same way, and thought It was me …. lol Glad to hear that I am not the only one who feels that way. Very unfortunate!!

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