De-lurk and a catch-up.

De-lurk and a catch-up.


Well, I started a new job two months ago, and (yes) I put this blog aside whilst I got used to the role. It was in a completely different field to anything I had any knowledge of and I have had to learn about a whole business and role that I had no idea about before two months ago.

Yes, little blog, you were abandoned. I am sorry. I still really love you.

But I think that I now am comfortable in my new role, and I need something to actually stop my head from being filled with nothing but work and talk f work in the evenings (especially as I have started to dream about it, something that always worried me when Mr Awesome did it in the past).

Strangely, I have decided that this is the weekend to re-pick up this blog after what has definitely been the worst week at work since I joined. There were actual tears shed this week, in frustration as well as sadness, and something in that has made me realise that it is time that I spend some time concentrating on my life and loves, and this is one of those things.

I have also now the benefit of Mr Awesome being extra awesome and fixing the complicator, which will be both fantastic for his site but will also allow me to sit and write blog posts of an evening.

I didn’t totally abandon all crafty pursuits when I took on the new role, but I did definitely dial back my involvement to quite a degree, and time for knitting, stitching, painting and other craftsy things have been few and far between. Firstly though there are a few outstanding things to round up before I start catching up with my creative side.

There are still a few outstanding prizes from Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012.

Messages were left on blog contact sheets for the winners of the photography contest but I only heard back from one of the three main recipients, so there are still prizes outstanding from both that and the Something a Bit Different competition, and then (and it is admittedly all my own fault) I forgot to chase it up further, but I had a couple of messages in the last week reminding me, so I’ll chase it up now.

Please could the immensely wonderful and clever folks from Crafts from the Cwtch, Crea In The City, Bear Ears, Thinking Space, A Pile Of Sheep and Stitched Together all please simply submit there details via the Contact form. The form is fully secure and your details will not be made public or shared with any companies or mailing lists.

Again, I haven’ totally abandoned all creative pursuits, but they have been far and few between. One great thing has come about from the break for me, personally, though. I celebrated my new job and continuing change in life by getting myself something I thought I would never own… But I’ll save that for the next update, which I promise will be full of positivity.

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