All Wound Up

All Wound Up

Mr Awesome put in a good shift with the swift and ball winder yesterday to get my handspun yarn into a ready-to use state for a project. I’m starting to be drawn towards deciding on a bag, but I want something that will best make use of the colours, and I’m wondering whether to go with a radial pattern of some kind. Maybe a simple circle with a fabric reverse, or a square or hexagonal radial bag.

The yarn ended up being approximately worsted weight, at an eyed guess, and 150g/340m, so just over 110m per 50g in it’s finished 2-ply construction. It’s quite a grabby yarn and would probably work well for steeking, so that is another possible feature for a finished project to take into consideration. Somehow it’s now even harder to decide upon a project for a particular yarn when I’ve put the time into creating that yarn.

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