New Pattern PDFs and Pattern Page Available

New Pattern PDFs and Pattern Page Available

Since I went through what we might call the ‘re-branding’ of my site over these past three months I came to the decision that it was time to rejuvenate some of my pattern PDFs.

I had lost the original template that I wrote my old patterns with, so decided to start afresh with a new, clean, elegant look.

The old format (on the left) could sometimes be cramped and could lack space. The new format on the right presents all of the information in a more organised fashion. All of the new patterns I have recently published come in the new format, and I am re-formatting all of my past patterns, too, so keep an eye on your email and Ravelry inboxes for new versions of any past purchases.

The information in the re-formatted versions of past patterns remains the same, with the exception of updated contact information and website details, so there is no need to replace any printed versions you may have in your collection.

To accompany the new look PDFs I have updated the My Knitting Patterns section on the site to incorporate all of the recent new designs.

There is an integrated cart system which utilises Ravelry’s own pattern purchase system to make patterns available via immediate download with the security of knowing that the purchase is being handled by Paypal. If you are logged in to Ravelry you can even add items to your cart on the patterns page and then either check out here or on the Ravelry site.

If you have not yet received an updated version of a past pattern, do not worry. It will take a few days to complete the re-formatting, and the new versions shall be with you in a matter of days, but do remember, the actual pattern instructions and information remains the same.

3 thoughts on “New Pattern PDFs and Pattern Page Available”

  • Ooh, those do look lovely! I’ve just cast on for Nympheas last night, and am having SO much fun with it! It’s going to be gorgeous — and I can’t wait!

  • The new design looks great! I already liked your old format but the new one is even better. I am very picky about how patterns are formatted (I will re-write patterns in unclear or cluttered formats) so I really appreciate it when designers do that extra work for me. Makes me far more likely to be a repeat purchaser. Thank you!!!

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