3KCBWDAY7 – Crafting Balance

3KCBWDAY7 – Crafting Balance

3KCBWDAY7 – Crafting Balance

Are you a knitter or a crocheter, or are you a bit of both? If you are monogamous in your yarn-based crafting, is it because you do not enjoy the other craft or have you simply never given yourself the push to learn it? Is it because the items that you best enjoy crafting are more suited to the needles or the hook? Do you plan on ever trying to take up and fully learn the other craft? If you are equally comfortable knitting as you are crocheting, how do you balance both crafts? Do you always have projects of each on the go, or do you go through periods of favouring one over the other? How did you come to learn and love your craft(s)?

I would say that I am primarily a knitter  someone who enjoys knitting, and my Ravelry projects page reflects this, with 94 of my projects having been knitted, four crocheted and one project, the cthulhu ski mask, being a knitted and crocheted collaboration.

When I first started out playing with yarn my choice was not so distinct as all four of my crocheted finished items were in my initial ten projects. My first pattern uploaded to Ravelry was a crocheted piece, my Self-Designing Scarf, a simple piece in a single stitch which rather than using complex or interesting stitches to create the design, employed a way of working a yarn with long stretches of slowly emerging colour to best effect.

I have often wanted to explore crochet a bit more in-depth, but it does seem that all the crocheted projects which catch my eye are rather large in scope – beautiful blankets and throws which would take me ages to make – so I never get started. I have often wondered if a few toys would be my best way into appreciating crochet a bit better. I am not a great toy maker, partly because I have nobody – no children or friends with children to give them to, and I don’t want to clutter up our space at home with toys everywhere, though I did fall a little bit in love with the expression on my crocheted manta ray’s face before I managed to lose him one day.

So, good people of the blogosphere and beyond – can you recommend a future project for me? I tell you what I do have: About 250g/330m of the aran weight yarn I used to make the cthulhu ski mask with. It’s a dark mossy green colour as you can see from the top picture – can anyone think of a fun (and not too difficult) project for this yarn?

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