WIP: Sea Glass Lace Scarf, With Poll

WIP: Sea Glass Lace Scarf, With Poll

Many knitters will be familiar with feeling like they didn’t mean to cast on another project, and that it ‘just sort of happened’. This problem can lead to yet another beautiful Work In Progress foisted upon them by powers outside of their control, commanded by the greater forces of nature and chance.

This must have been what happened when I accidentally went and won an amazing skein of yarn in the Yarnscape giveaway.

The fact that Mr Awesome immediately reached for the Jumbo Ball Winder (for winding jumbo balls) wasn’t something which I had foreseen. That fact that I tripped at that exact point, with the yarn falling in a graceful loop over the swift of need, was completely out of my control.

I’m not quite sure what happened after that. I must have passed out, because when I awoke, this was on the needles:

Honestly, I don’t know how it happened. There was a pad of paper beside me with many calculations for working out the stitch pattern and zig-zag garter stitch border, and what looks like a hand drawn lace chart, but it was definitely cast on accidentally.

However, now that it appears to have been started, it would be rude not to continue, so I guess I am bound to keep on knitting this wonderful pattern with this wonderful hand dyed BFL/Silk blend yarn. Yes, I know. Oh woe is me.

Note: This pattern is already written up in chart form, but I may publish this one with a written version of the instructions as well, for those that are chart-averse. I’m wondering what the proportion of people who prefer written patterns to chart (specifically for lace knitting) is? If you have a moment, please take a moment to vote in the poll below, or leave a comment suggesting the reasons for your preference (if any). Many thanks!

If you are a knitter, in which format do you prefer your lace pattern instructions?

11 thoughts on “WIP: Sea Glass Lace Scarf, With Poll”

  • With yarn that beautiful, I’m not at all surprised it accidentally cast itself on 😉

    I’m not great at lace, which may have a bearing on my poll choice of written instructions!

  • Great yarn! And the scarf is beautiful…I’m not up to reading knitting charts yet, so I still prefer written instructions. Same for crochet, I’d rather have written instructions…I am not a visual learner, so charts just give me a headache..

  • I did vote on the poll but there was an option that maybe you should have added: both written & charted.

    I chose written pattern but I like having both. Sometimes I like to test my chart-reading skills (they’re not good) but it’s nice to have the written part to fall back on.

  • @Renee,

    I specifically chose not to give the option of ‘both written and charted’ because I could not see why, given a choice, people would not understandably say that a pattern might as well carry both methods.

    I wasn’t looking to discover which method people would prefer to have in a published pattern (why not both?) but which people actually choose to follow given a choice. If someone does not sway towards one or the other but uses either from time to time then ‘no preference’ from the list of options above would be the appropriate selection.

    I was asking because I wondered what proportion of people chose ‘written pattern’ as their main preference for following a pattern in cases where a person has a preference either way, to see if it would be worth carrying written instructions as well as charted when publishing patterns with elements of lace (or if this was cause unnecessary ‘bulk’ to a pattern if nobody used it). At present it looks as if there is a case for providing both.

  • I actually use both. I tend to use the written lines to follow what I should be doing and I consult the chart to be sure that my knitting is on the right track.

  • What a BEAUTIFUL accident!

    I have to qualify my answer (no preference). I love charts, but if it is charted for both sides, I have to have written instructions. Reading a chart backwards just doesn’t work for me with lace.

  • I chose no preference, but my preference actually depends on the pattern itself. If the pattern isn’t intuitive, and difficult to memorize, then I prefer written instructions. If the pattern is fairly obvious or easily memorized, then I’d rather look a chart. For example, I’m currently knitting Haruni. For the first area, I followed the chart. For the second, I’m looking at the written instructions because I’m finding it not as intuitive.

  • I also keep casting on new projects accidentally, I guess pretty yarns just cast themselves on when we’re sleeping…

    For the chart / written instructions, I have no preferences, I like to follow written instructions for the first few rows to get them right and start “chanting” them in my head, but then I follow the chart to have an overview of what the lace is supposed to look like.

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