3KCBWDAY4 – A Knitter For All Seasons

3KCBWDAY4 – A Knitter For All Seasons

3KCBWDAY4 – A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?

As spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere and those in the southern hemisphere start setting their sights for the arrival of winter, a lot of crocheters and knitters find that their crafting changes along with their wardrobe. Have a look through your finished projects and explain the seasonality of your craft to your readers. Do you make warm woollens the whole year through in preparation for the colder months, or do you live somewhere that never feels the chill and so invest your time in beautiful homewares and delicate lace items. How does your local seasonal weather affect your craft?

I decided to pose this topic for this year’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week after reading so many of my knitting friends speak of how excited they were for the warmer months and the  prospect of knitting in their summery cotton yarns, starting short sleeved garments and delicate summer items.

I have only been knitting three years now, but in that time I haven’t really explored summer knits that much, and the idea intrigues me a little. I should say straight from the off that I am a winter baby. I love the cold and fresh air, snow and frosty mornings, mostly because they give me the best chances to wrap up warm in snuggly knits and have a genuine need to ask for almost constant cuddling, for warmth.

If I look at my gallery of finished projects (Ravelry link) I see an abundance of scarves, hats and mittens, things that allow me to surround myself in cheery warmth. Also, a mainstay of the British winter season, a number of these:

Knitted and felted hot water bottle cover with goldfish design

I do love a hot water bottle in the winter, and some of my favourite and most decorative projects have been made to keep hot water bottle cosy. The example above was knit and felted in a washing machine before having a (non-felted) ribbed top added and needle felting detail worked onto the surface. I made a similar hot water bottle cover for my Brother-In-Law one Christmas.

The felted surface acts as great insulation for the hot water bottle and so keeps the bottle warm for a very long time, whilst providing good protection from too-harsh heat. The warmth lasts for many hours, but no hot water bottle cover will ever beat Flossie for heat retention.

Flossie was made from a modified Skein Queen pattern, where I simply added an envelope-back opening on the cuddly bear’s reverse.

What keeps Flossie super-warm, however, is the lining. Made from two layers of fleece baby blanket bought in a £1 shop with just a tiny amount of soft-toy filling between the layers, Flossie was the worlds warmest, most cuddly bear, ever.

I no longer have Flossie, but I was asked the other day if I wanted a new hot water bottle. I actually replied in the negative, because we are (supposed to be) in spring right now, but now that I think about it, a new Flossie would be great to help ease away all of those aches and pains, plus it is never too early to start on the winter knitting, I think. And I wouldn’t want her to be stolen to rest At Mr Awesome’s giant feet, so then I’d obviously have to knit him one too – maybe a Nordic Ski Sweater hot water bottle cover that I have fancied knitting for a few weeks now.

So, no, I don’t think I am a seasonal knitter. Though I do see a few lace items such as shawls and lace scarves creep in to my summer knitting, I think I am a knitter that looks ahead to the months when I can pile on all of my knitted items, slip my feet into hand knitted socks and feel the benefit of my handiwork.

To read all about the seasonality of other people’s crafting from those taking part in Knitting and crochet blog week, simply perform a Google search for the tag 3KCBWDAY4, or click here

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