WIP: Super Luxury Slippers

WIP: Super Luxury Slippers

I have had a knitting project sitting in my bedroom drawer since we moved in last December. It is perhaps half complete, might be just about finished – I’m not sure as I can’t remember what it was supposed to be, but it sits there waiting for somebody to work on it. I can’t remember when I cast it on, but it must be over a year ago now.

As it was clearly not going to knit itself and I have no way of remembering what it was, I decided it was a shame to leave such lovely yarn sitting there without a proper use, so why not use it? About ten minutes of pulling at the beautiful Mirasol Sulka yarn and a trip around the Jumbo Ball Winder later and I had a nice new cake of yarn to feast upon.

I then decided to knit myself a real treat for my feet using this beautiful merino, alpaca and silk mix yarn. I have consistently cold feet, no matter what the weather. Since I was a child my complaints of cold feet have been met with ‘well put some slippers on then!’ but I cannot stand slippers as I like to curl up on a sofa and tuck my feet under me.

So here’s the solution I have decided upon. A pair of soft, really luxurious slipper shaped socks that will keep my feet warm and feet squishy and soft underfoot.

I have done a little experimenting with the shape and I am finally happy with the perfect fit I have achieved. It feels fantastic alone but also really comfortable with a sock underneath as it is so squishy and warm.
Now I have come to the difficult part of the project – do I leave the  slipper as it is or give it ears and features to make it into a bunny/panda/bear/cat slipper? I will use my pattern notes to check the knitting of the second slipper and provided everything is correct i will publish the pattern hopefully some time next week. A simple pair of slippers to knit in a couple of hours would be a great choice for anyone looking for a last minute gift idea, I think.

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