WIP: Scrambled Eggs Shawl

WIP: Scrambled Eggs Shawl

I had the chance to put a few more rows into the Devilled Eggs shawl I am knitting, so thought I’d take the chance to document a bit of a WIP update.

It doesn’t look like I am that much further along, but I have now completed the first chart in the pattern, and have knit my way through the first repeat of chart B and am into the second repeat of two before the stitch pattern changes. The growth of the shawl in the pictures would be barely noticeable if it were not for the changing colours of the wonderful Zauberball yarn, though.
However, it is safe to say that I am not as far along with the knitting as I had hoped to be. I haven’t much felt up to lace knitting these last few days, neither in terms of comfort nor concentration, but slow steady progress is OK by me, just as long as it doesn’t come to a complete stop.
Did you spot it in the top picture, astute reader?
Oh. Dear. I’m actually mildly irritated by this as I was hoping to get a few rows knitted this evening, but that won’t happen now. The needle broke right in the middle of a row leaving me with stranded stitches hanging precariously in mid air and no way to knit further on.
I improvised by forcing a 3.5mm needle onto the cable in place of the broken 3.25mm tip and finishing the row knitting really uncomfortably off of that, the stitches taught and strained. I knit with a relaxed tension, so it wasn’t s if I had some kind of death grip that caused my needle to break, but I have had another Knit Pro tip break at the needle collar before now and wonder if this is a weak point along the length of the needle.
I have attempted to superglue the needle back together, but it seems clear that this just will not work, so it seems like I am going to have quite some wait before I can continue this shawl. When I do eventually manage to buy a replacement set of tips I was wondering if I should get the Knitpro Nova metal tips a try instead? I haven’t any experience of these, but I’m worried about the wooden tops breaking again and (importantly) ruining my knitting, but then I love that the wooden finish gives that little bit of grip so handy with slippery lace weight knitting.
In a brilliant moment of foresight and self-generated providence, however, I happened to insert a lifeline only two rows before the breakage occurred, so if I hadn’t been able to catch all of the stitches I wouldn’t have found myself weeping among a frothy pile of unravelling lace.
I’m going to be honest now and say that I really only put the lifeline in so I could post the picture of the lifeline and what a good idea they are on this blog, and now it turns out that it might well have saved the project. I may unravel the last two rows, anyway, just in case I missed a stitch or two when the needle broke. Lifelines, eh? You should definitely use them.

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  • I have the set of interchangeable metal Knitpicks needles (same as Knitpro but sold in the U.S.), and I’ve had problems with the cable separating from the metal bit that screws into the needle. I’ve tried supergluing it back together, but it doesn’t work well. I’ve lost two cables this way, and it’s horribly frustrating (as you know) when it happens in the midst of a row. I’m sorry to say that I’ve decided to put a set of Addi Lace interchangeables on my wishlist. They’re a lot more expensive, but I think it’s worth saving up for them.

  • I’ve had this with a few wooden KnitPros and bought some Novas for that reason. I’ve never had a problem with the Novas if that helps. I do like the wooden ones though.

  • Oh no 🙁

    Yesterday I wish I had put in a lifeline when I dropped half a dozen consecutive stitches and all my knitting just melted away…

    By dropping another 6 stitches and unravelling down 6 rows I was able to gradually re-knit the stitches back up and (bar a few k2togs where there should have been ssks) get everything up and running again. But it was a miracle!

    First thing I do tonight is put in a lifeline!

  • Those are the sinphonie needles right? I have the American version (KP harmonies) and I had a bunch of needles come apart as well. I glued them back together but they were never the same. now, I thought the problem was with the first generation harmonies but apparently they didn’t resolve their glue issues. :/ I bought the nickel tips and liked them.

    Last year I bought signature needles and I luuurve them! Very pricy, and they don’t come in interchangeable sets, but I don’t have to worry about them breaking either (plus the stiletto tips rock for lace knitting!)

  • I’ve heard that if you contact customer service, you can get a replacement either for free or for a lower price…of course, then you have to wait until the replacement comes but, still, it’s worth looking into.

  • I’ve had this happen several times with the Knit Picks version of these needles. You might try writing to the company about it, because this isn’t something that should happen!

  • From what I’ve heard the customer service at KnitPicks is fantastic and fairly quick about getting things to you should something go wrong. If nothing else it wouldn’t hurt to contact them and see if something can be done, if free you’d at least have a back up set.

  • I’ve had the same thing happen with the knit pro interchangeables – very disappointing. I’ve exchanged a few, but tbh that’s just a nuisance. lately I’ve just been buying long fixed knit pro novas, or addi turbos instead – this works ok since I use a long circ. for pretty much everything.

  • I’m working on my first ever shawl and I can’t stress the importance of the lifeline! As far as I can tell there have only been 2 errors that got away from me and in NEITHER CASE did I have a lifeline to help me go back and figure it out. I am terrified of ripping back multiple rows and dropping stitches. Thankfully one of the errors will not even be noticeable, and the other, erm, adds character?

  • I am no expert on knitting or needles I’m afraid, but I think your shawl is looking beautiful, it seems a shame that it should have to be put on hold!
    That is a lovely Zauberball, I am nerdy enough to ask, is it Cranberry or Indian Summer? Or maybe something else entirely?

  • I had almost exactly the same happen on my lace knitting recently…I saw almost exactly the same as the tip was snapped in the same place but I did it by stepping on it…oops! I generally use the metal nova tips but had bought the wooden especially as I found the lace too slippy on the metal.

    Your shawl is looking lovely, I hope it’s not too long before you can get new tips.

  • It looks so pretty! I’m excited to see the finished shawl (however long that may take)!

    I think Knitpro and the Knit Picks needles are the same, so I’ll tell you that I adore my metal tips, even if they aren’t quite so pretty as the wooden ones.

  • As others have said, I would contact KnitPro directly or whomever you purchased the needles from. I had a breakage between the metal join and cable with my (US) KnitPicks needles and they replaced them quickly and without question. I have both the wooden and metal interchangeable sets and am now mostly using the nickle tips, but I don’t knit lace very often. (sjn821 on Rav)

  • I too have had the Knitpicks version of these needles break on me. I lost an afghan I had worked on randomly for almost 2 years. Very upsetting. It’s a good company but I would never buy the needles again. It’s not worth the pain of the loss. 🙁

    Your shawl is so pretty! I hope you continue to post pictures as you progress so we can see the lovely colors unfurl in the lovely shawl pattern. Nice work!

    Any YAY you for a lifeline! Very clever!

  • There must be a lot of this going around at the moment – I had a pair of bamboo circs break mid row at that exact point last week! Glad you managed to rescue your lace though 🙂

  • Absolutely – as others have said, contact your retailer and you will have a replacement in your hands without delay. KnitPro are brilliant with their no quibbles policy.

    I’ve just had the same problem, but I think it was to be expected (I’m using 2mm needles and knitting with cotton – the pattern involves twisted stitches… this combination was certain to bring on disaster.)

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