A Rainbow Of Stitches

A Rainbow Of Stitches

I was hoping to have a shawl progress update to post today, but I haven’t been too well these last couple of days and can’t summon the will to either knit nor take any photographs, so instead I have a few poorly taken photographs that I shot in bad light the other day. But overcast days are known for their rainbows, and with a link as swift and seamless as a daytime TV presenter 20 years in the business, I present to you my favourite (OK, only) cross stitch and embroidery book:

A Rainbow Of Stitches was first brought to my attention by knitting chum, cross-stitch extraordinaire and former blogger, Mooncalf, who spoke highly of this wonderful collection of over 1,00 cross stitch and embroidery motifs, each worked in a single colour. It was this use of one colour for each motif that most appealed to me because I think this strong graphic style looks very fresh and modern, and very different from the twee cross stitch projects of a few years ago, with fussy details and worked in sixty four different shades of identical. The fact that I am lazy and can’t be bothered to re-thread my needle eighty times for a single motif has nothing at all to do with it… Ahem.

I like the book so much that when I moved and didn’t bring it with me I really missed it, and as my pre-Christmas hinting schedule was obviously too understated for Mr ‘Look, unless you bring the thing up to me and say buy me this I’m not going to pick up on your subtle female eyelash flutterings’ Awesome, it was only a couple of days ago that this finally made it’s way to me by way of the friendly postman.

The sections of the book are arranged by colour and then sub-divided by theme, but among the pages you can find motifs for cross stitch patterns such as skiers, peacock feathers, fish, slices of cherry pie, matryoshka dolls, ants, teapots, umbrellas, pears and mopeds, along with just as many motifs for simple embroidery projects.

I’m currently stitching a few simple motifs for future birthday card projects, as I am attempting to make all of my greetings cards this year, and it’s always handy to have something you have pre-made to fashion the cards out of. Plus, cross stitching is a handy and light crafty pursuit when you are not feeling tip-top.

I do hope to be feeling up to knitting again very soon, as I don’t want to lose sight of how beautifully my shawl is coming along, but for now having to concentrate on long rows of lace will just have to wait, and I’m grateful for little mini-projects like this to keep me going.





6 thoughts on “A Rainbow Of Stitches”

  • Hello,
    I am sorry to hear your unwell hope you feel better soon hun *SENDS HUGS*
    What lovely cross stitch patterns you have and its a very thrifty idea to make your own greetings cards. This is something after reading your blog I am tempted to do aswell. Lately my pile of crossstitch patterns have layed untouched but I am off to fish them out now 🙂

  • this post is so timely! i started stitching recently becos my knitting mojo is lacking, and i had been wishing for a stitch book. i’ll have to check this one out (plus, it had me at matroyshka doll!)

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