Geeky Birthday Crafting and Sewing/Quilting Gift Tags

Geeky Birthday Crafting and Sewing/Quilting Gift Tags

I’ve been making loads and loads of cards today, which I shall photograph and share another time, but for now here is a single card I put together yesterday, for a friend’s upcoming 30th Birthday.

It features the cake icon from the Portal game series, which is a fitting symbol for a 30th birthday, even if it is a lie.

The icon was drawn in reverse on a piece of green card with faint yellow text printed on it, then cut out using a massive trusty Stanley knife (I always read crafty folks refer to their ‘xacto’ knives – what are these wondrous things) and the surface was then rubbed with the dust from a few old lumps of green artists pastels. The green card was then layered onto a piece of blue card printed with rust stains, or something like that. I don’t know, they are just bits of random paper I have laying around, so I’d love to be more precise but cannot. I wrote out a couple of messages to stick on the top and voila! Top geek in 20 minutes.

In more papery goodness, I have done as requested and created a sheet of care labels and gift tags for quilters and sewers.

As with the knitting and crochet versions, these gift tags have room for a message plus any spare thread/buttons inside, a witty sentiment to convey all of your hard work on the front and care instructions on the back, and they are available to download freely. The file is very large due to the quality, so please allow a few seconds for the file to load before printing.

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