FO: Awesome Cushion

FO: Awesome Cushion

This is a slightly belated FO post, of an item I made back in October of last year. I had just that week moved in with Mr Awesome after a tough few months, and he had been so very welcoming of me in his flat, telling me to spread my few possessions far and wide around the flat whereas I was trying to hide my things out of the way because I was worried about my things encroaching over the very little space that we were in, so I compromised by bringing something of mine into the home for him, turning some yarn into a cushion.

And the cushion is Awesome. I know that because it says it on the front. The yarn used to be sad, but then it stopped being sad and became an awesome cushion instead.

Made from Rowan Pure Wool Aran, the cushion suffers with the same problems as many things made from that yarn, that it started to bobble and pill as I was knitting it. It’s a bit less crisp now, after a few months of being sat on, but as these pictures I took yesterday show, it’s still more or less holding up, even if it is a bit rumpled.

The text is knitted in a combination of stranded colourwork for the majority of the motif, with areas of intarsia where certain letters ascend or descend the main bulk of the colourwork area. The back is knitted in two pieces with simple stripes, in the same grey and off-white colours as the front.

I worked the button band in a broken rib pattern, to help them lay flat without adding a great deal of bulk to the fabric. I also had trouble finding suitable buttons for the cushion once I had knit it, so I decided to make my own out of some pearlescent grey polymer clay.

This lozenge shaped button proved to work really well with the knitted fabric, allowing the slim end of the button to pass easily through the button hole and almost ‘lock’ into place. The buttons have never slipped out of the button holes even once and they have successfully been through the washing machine with no negative results. I’ve made polymer clay buttons a couple of times before when I haven’t been able to find the right buttons for the job, but now that these ones have washed so well I feel even more confident in making many more in the future.

Pattern: Own (improvised)
Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool Aran in shades 670 (cream) and 672 (grey)

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