WIP: Magic Rainbow Socks

WIP: Magic Rainbow Socks

For a long time I have kept what I thought of as my ‘best’ yarns, my favourite skeins, away from my needles, not wanting to knit them because they are too precious, but recently I have come to think that I deserve to have great knits made from great yarn.

And this is one of the greatest yarns I have ever had the pleasure to knit with, a Yarn Yard Magic Carpet.

Magic Carpets are double-stranded sheets of knitted fabric which are then gradient-dyed. Each one is unique, but because of the double-stranding you can knit a perfectly matching pair of socks. I decided to unravel my Magic Carpet and wind the two strands into separate centre-pull balls, rather than try and tackle the new skill of two-at-a-time socks using magic-loop, mostly because I am forever enamoured by my DPNs.

I decided to knit the socks toe-up, to ensure being able to use absolutely every single centimetre of this glorious rainbow-hued yarn, and to keep the colour progression smooth I inserted short-row heels and matching toes in a contrasting undyed yarn (also saving a little extra yarn for added sock length!

The deep sock cuff makes the top of these socks really stretchy and comfortable – starting out as a 5×1 rib and progressing to a 2×1  rib nearer the edge. One sock down and one to go, I’m 50% of the way to the most magical pair of rainbow socks ever knit.

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