Snowy Days and a Wintry Mood

Snowy Days and a Wintry Mood

A fresh blanket of snow decided this morning to lay upon the patchy duvet of flakes laid down last Saturday, so the world outside today is bright, and cold, perfect for layering up on hand-knits and cosy wintry accessories.

Talking of the joys of winter I can’t be the only person who started making their Christmas cards back in January, right?
I actually started stitching the motifs for these Christmas cards back in October of last year, but then I moved house, settled in for a month and a half and then my other half and I found out we were to be moving house again mid-December, so the little cross-stitched panels were put in a box, ready to use another time.
They are very simple motifs, stitched in bright greens and reds, perfect for a contemporary Christmas pallet with a touch of a more traditional craft.
I’ve still got a healthy little stack of motifs to work through, but it’s a nice source of simple, instant gratification crafting, and something to come back to throughout the year so that it isn’t a stressful rush to get them all made a week before Christmas.
As well as the cross-stitch motif cards, I have made a selection of cards using Christmas themed playing cards as the basis of the toppers.
We found this set of individually designed playing cards when sorting out some old belongings of Mr Awesome, where they were destined for the bin unless I could use them in any way. Well, of course I could find something to do with them. They’re a great source of design inspiration in themselves as each card is designed by a different artist, so there are many different styles and colour pallets to play around with.
As I have given up on knitting gifts for all but the very most important people in my life and those people that I think might appreciate something handmade, these cards will be a nice way to give a little thing that I have created to all of my friends and acquaintances this year, without knitting under the stress of deadlines. Plus, it’s great fun.

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