Hello. Again.

Hello. Again.

Oh, er… Hi.

This is a bit awkward, bumping into you like this. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How have you been doing? Me, er, yeah, I’m fine. You know, had a bit of a hard time there for a bit, but everything is a lot better now. Actually, it’s pretty fantastic and I am happy. The old blog? Nope, it’s gone I’m afraid, but hey, check out this new one. It’s all shiny.
So, what was I up to whilst I was away? Well I moved house quite a few times, and I have lived in quite a few different areas of the country now. From around other areas of the North-West, then right up to the North East, in Whitley Bay, where I met a lovely knitting group who met at Ring-a-Rosie, and then down to where I live now. Oh, and my book came out!

I didn’t really mention on my last blog that I was writing a book. I wanted to keep it a surprise for the day it was released, but by then I had moved, I never had access to the internet and I lost my blog, so perhaps my biggest and proudest F/O to date never got its moment in the spotlight.
So, instead, I’m going to kick this new blog off with a bit of excitement. I’ve got a copy of my book, The Knitting Pocket Bible, to give away to one commenter drawn at random.
The draw will take place on Thursday 1st March, selected by a random number generator. If you would like to be contacted via Ravelry, should you happen to be the person drawn from the hat, then leave a link to your Ravelry Profile in the URL field of the ‘comments’ section. The competition is open worldwide, and if, perchance, you happen to win and already own a copy, just provide me with the name and address of a lucky friend and I’ll swish it their way. Or keep two copies for yourself – you can’t be too careful now.
Of course, if you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, then it’s available via all good online retailers. UK folks may want to find it cheapest on the very catchily namedΒ finditcheapest.com. Alternatively it is available in both the Kindle store and on iBooks, for those who prefer their books to be less papery.
So, there we go, a first post, and that wasn’t too awkward. I’ll get back to updating you with news of knitting and crafting soon, but for now please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds to this new website address and don’t forget to comment for your chance to win.

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