FO: Librarian Monkey

FO: Librarian Monkey

Over the weekend I decided to knit a new monkey-chum to take care of and guard over the new bookcase we have newly assembled in the living room, to guard over our books and games.

We needed someone dedicated and trustworthy, as well as diligent – someone who would ensure to check that the right games and DVDs went back in the right cases and that knew enough of the books’ contents to give handy pointers on where one might find an interesting short-repeat lace pattern, or an Estonian shawl.

Librarian Monkey knows all these things and more.

He has one problem in that he has no ‘bum’ to speak of, so he doesn’t sit up very convincingly. In fact, he sometimes looks drunk on the job.

I’m also assured that he has an assistant on the way, one ‘Ginger Monk’, who is apparently very good at alphabetising any selection of disc-based media that you may place in front of him. I’m hoping that Washing-Up Monk follows shortly afterwards.

Librarian Monkey comes from a long-line of similar monkeys produced from the pattern Jerry, The Musical Monkey, by Rebecca Danger. His blueprint came to me as a gift many moons ago from Andi, of Untangling Knots. Currently, he has over 500 brothers and sisters inhabiting Ravelry.

PS: If you read this blog via RSS feed then some people may have noticed that I am putting up some of my old posts from the archive stored on the Wayback Machine. This may take a while as there is no way to download the posts so I have to hand-copy and paste in the text and then re-add in all the pictures one by one, but some people may see these archived posts in their feed as new items, depending on the service they use. Hopefully they will find some  interest in the archived articles as I have been doing. Librarian Monkey approves of the archiving of all past reading materials.

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