FO: Amazing Magic Rainbow Socks

FO: Amazing Magic Rainbow Socks
I absolutely adore these socks. I really do think they are the best socks in the world. They are extra-long, extra comfy and are knitted from amazing rainbows. They have everything I love in a sock – beautiful colours, a fantastic colour progression kept in tact with a contrast short row heel, and they are made to be smiled at.
I knit these socks toe-up, to make sure that I used every single bit of the yarn (an amazing ‘Magic Carpet‘ hand-dyed by The Yarn Yard) and I really did achieve that aim – I had about 8″/20cm of yarn left over when I had finished them. I have never used a yarn quite like this before, and I think it is a revelation. The Magic Carpets are such a wonderful idea: a double-stranded knit sheet of fabric saturated with bright, eye-popping colour, and a single sheet is plenty to complete a pair of socks of good length. Because they are double stranded you have the choice of knitting two socks at a time without having two untangle two skeins every round, or you can knit the socks one at a time (which is what I did).
To create these socks I first provisionally cast on my total number of stitches using scrap yarn. I then began knitting with the Magic carpet yarn until my piece of knitting was 8cm shorter than my foot length (to allow for a 4cm toe and 4cm heel). At this stage I knit across half of my total stitches with a short length of scrap yarn before knitting over those stitches again with the working yarn and continuing to knit until I had just enough yarn to bind off with. The last few inches of the leg are knit in a 5×1 rib pattern which in turn progresses into a 2×1 rib, for comfort and elasticity. It also looks pretty cool. Once the main body of the sock was knit I undid the provisional cast on and knit a short row toe, and then undid the row of scrap yarn stitches to knit an identical short-row heel. This is the same method I use for many socks where the main beauty of the sock is in a yarn that has a smooth colour gradient or stripe sequence that would be interrupted by knitting a flap & gusset style heel or a short row heel ‘in situ’.

Because of the way the yarn is dyed, you are guaranteed two absolutely matching socks: each strand of yarn begins and ends at the same point in the colour change and blends between colours at the same rate. I absolutely adore these socks, more than I can even put into words. I think they would make any dull day a happy one, and I think that many people are likely to agree with this because every single time I have posted about these socks during the process of their knitting people have asked where did I get the yarn from? Well, I have delayed putting this post up in order to let The Yarn Yard get some of the Magic Carpet yarn into the shop, which has taken a while as each is individually hand dyed, but they are in the shop now, but in very limited numbers, so grab them whilst you can as I don’t think they are stocked very often. I would like them for all of my next birthdays until I am too old to knit, please, because then I could never feel sad as my feet would be too happy!

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