FO: Warden Bay Socks In Blue And Natural Stripes

FO: Warden Bay Socks In Blue And Natural Stripes
My latest completed project is a simple but pleasing pair of stockinette stitch socks. 72st socks knit at a tight gauge on 2mm needles, just the way I like them.

A picot edge with few rows of twisted ribbing tops the socks, then it is a matter of a steady tube of stockinette stitch. I knit a half a round of stitches with some scrape yarn to knit a short row heel in after the rest of the sock was completed. I prefer this way of forming a heel when I am working with striping sock yarn that has an obvious and predictable pattern, as it keeps the progression of the stripes running from the leg and over the top of the foot from doing a funny little ‘jump’ in the order and width of the stripes.

I prefer short row heels and toes when making ‘afterthought’ type heels (not that it was an afterthought…) as I like both the look and feel of the smoothness of the fabric, for added comfort. I know that many people do not like the fit of afterthought or short row heels, but I have ever had any trouble with socks I have made this way, so I guess it all depends on a person’s individual foot shape. These are a perfect fit for me and I adore this yarn, so hopefully they will last for many years so that I might enjoy these socks that remind me so much of the sea.

Pattern: No pattern – simple 72st sock with short row heels and toes added in after the main knitting
Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Admiral R Druck in the shade Blue Ice (1693bedr)
Ravelry link: Warden Bay Socks

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