FO And Pattern: Flutter Butterfly Mittens

FO And Pattern: Flutter Butterfly Mittens

My latest, and proudest, Finished Object. Here they are at last, my Flutter Butterfly Mittens. I do love them so very much and I am inordinately proud to have them finished and the pattern written up and published.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the design is based on a recurring motif in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s book One Hundred Years of Solitude. One of the characters on the story is a young woman called Meme, who in an act of defiance takes a mechanic as a lover. The mechanic is forever surrounded by a cloud of yellow butterflies that accompanies him everywhere. One day, during a surreptitious tryst, her lover is caught visiting Meme and suffers a bad fall and is injured. From this moment Meme is the one who becomes enevloped in the cloud of butterflies which now follow her everywhere. As her lover lays ill the butterflies start to slowly die and drop away, and she knows of his death only when the last butterfly finally leaves her.

These mittens are a reminder to hold onto your loves and your passions and to treat them gently:

In the palm of the mittens is a single, detailed yellow butterfly, like the last one that Meme beheld before it dropped away from sight.

I designed these mittens to have a thumb gore, which means that the gloves may be worn with the large butterfly on the back of the hand and the more numerous butterflies on the palm as and when the mood takes the wearer (plus I find a thumb gore construction on a mitten far more comfortable, having never met a person who has a thumb positioned on the palm of their hand).

The Flutter Mitten pattern is available from Ravelry, and includes high quality charts and written instructions.

Pattern: Flutter Butterfly Mittens by Mimi Hill
Yarn: Eskimimi Knits Twingles yarn in the shade ‘Flutter’.

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