WIP: Warden Bay Socks

WIP: Warden Bay Socks

I thought I’d treat myself by casting on for a couple of new projects. The first of these is a new pair of socks for me. I know they are for me because I added a picot edge to the cuff and that is very definitely a ‘me’ type detail.

I already love everything about these socks. They remind me of summer by the beach for some reason. It’s the colour – I don’t know if it because they are evocative of waves crashing in a blue sea beneath a turquoise sky, or if it is something to do with the little huts selling ice cream to hot and tired young children who have been busy constructing castles of sand, shingle and shells, but these colours remind me of my old home in Warden Bay.

I grew up on a small island just of the coast of Kent, in a place called Warden Bay. Warden is known for a couple of things – the coastline which erodes so fast you can almost see it happening, and fossils. I have always loved fossils – it comes from that childhood fascination of dinosaurs that so many 7 year olds seem to chance upon, and in Warden you have to practically clamber over them to get anywhere. Every rock contains a fossil and you can come home with your pockets fairly bulging with them if you have a keen eye and an inquisitive mind. If I could go back there and ramble along the beach I would love to do so in these socks. These socks with their little picot edge.

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