WIP: Thermis Winter Cowl Or Neckwarmer

WIP: Thermis Winter Cowl Or Neckwarmer

I have found myself these last few days longing for the winter months. I am not a child of the summer, and Eskimo Mimi was made for the snow, and the wind, and the cold. I like to wrap up warm against the cold, to envelope myself in warm and soft layers of comfort, rather then find myself in a hot and sticky climate that I cannot escape from. You can always put more layers of warmth on, but levels of nakedness are definitely finite. And there are laws against that kind of thing.

So last night, pining for the months I love most, I cast on Thermis.

It’s a simple knitted cowl, started with a number of rows of 1×1 rib. I usually avoid single rib like the plague as I find it the least attractive rib, but as with my Warden Bay socks I have elected for a twisted knit stitch in the ribbing which neatness things up considerably as well as adding a good deal of definition to the ridges and furrows. Other than that I will probably stick to the pattern as written and enjoy a simple, no thinking necessary knit. Roll on winter.

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