FO: Summer Thermis Cowl Knitting To Hide My Face Behind

FO: Summer Thermis Cowl Knitting To Hide My Face Behind

Here is the latest item freshly of the eskineedles – a thermal stitch cowl from the popular Thermis pattern. I’ve enjoyed the look of this pattern for some time and cast on in a bit of a spur-of-the-moment blur when I was looking for a small, fast, satisfying project to work on a few evenings ago. This is a fast knit. A dedicated knitter who is less easily distracted than I could probably finish it in an evening. I’m not so attentive, though. I can be in full concentration about someth… ooh, look, shiny!

I hardly deviated from the pattern as prescribed at all on this one. I changed the 1×1 ribbing to a simple twisted 1×1 rib as I always feel my 1×1 rib doesn’t look very attractive and find that twisting it neatens up the columns of stitches quite nicely. I also took a couple of rows out of the top ribbing section (I think there should have been ten and I knit eight) because I noticed that the buttons on a lot of the completed projects were a little distance from the top and that the ends of the button bands parted at the top a little.

Usually I would like to have taken a modelled shot of this, but I’ve been a tad poorly recently and today woke up with a very swollen face leaving me looking like a cross between Paul McCartney and Bagpuss. When I feel less horrible I will take a picture of it on, though its concealing properties have not escaped me. Hopefully tomorrow will be as cold and rainy as today has been so when I attend my medical appointment I will be able to hide most of my face beneath my new knit (so as not to scare babies and young children) and remain thoroughly buttoned up.

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