Contents Of A Crazy Lady’s Knitting Bag

Contents Of A Crazy Lady’s Knitting Bag

Bags can tell you a lot about a person. The contents of a handbag, for example, can give you clues to the person carrying it – what they value most and whether they are organised, whether they are prepared for any crisis or carry only the bare essentials. I don’t think knitting bags are very different from this.

Because I am an intensely curious person (‘nosey’ is such an ugly word) I have always been very interested in people’s blog posts about their knitting rooms and studios where they sit down and get creative. Oh for the luxury of such a dedicated room I can hardly imagine. I have one room where I exist, so everything feels crammed in and slightly unhappy.

My very small scale equivalent of a dedicated knitting space would probably be my knitting bag. My knitting bag travels everywhere with me and holds all of the things that I deem essential to my knitting happiness. It isn’t manufactured as a knitting bag but actually as a papercraft bag, but with it’s multiple inner sections, large bottom flat section and many outer pockets of all shapes and sizes, and the fact that it attaches to the top of my wheel-around suitcase, makes it perfect for me.

Inside are various objects that I have picked up over the years. Many of them come from before I actually learned to knit, though I have decided that they are all somehow helpful to the knitting cause. Let me take you on a tour:

(1) Knitpro Harmony interchangeables, (2) assortment of crochet hooks and stitch holders (3) Knitpro Nova sock needles x2, (4) stitch markers (tiny elastic bands from Claire’s accessories), packs of 200 x 4, (5) interchangeable needle connectors and sewing-up needles, (6) teddy bear appliques, (7) NES controller tin full of pins, (8) tape measure, (9) needle gauge, (10) Knitpro needle gauge + swatch gauge, (11) three small pairs of scissors, (12) packets of Kool Aid, (13) mirror with monkey patern, (14) a Smashing Puffin, (15) small digital scales.

I think that most people can see how handy, if not absolutely necessary, all of those things may be to keep with you as you travel with your knitting – whether it be from room to room or city to city as you are pushed from pillar to post in your nomad’s existence.

Three pairs of scissors may seem like too many, but really I wonder if I don’t need more pairs of tiny scissors with me at all time. They do like to dematerialise into another dimension with very little notice, before turning up in your aunt’s kitchen, or onstage at the Old Vic. The teddy bear appliques are, like so many things, little items that I have found for 50p or so in the sales and thought ‘I’ll use one of those some day.’ And some day I will.

Much like the rest of the bag’s contents:

(1) notebook and pens, (2) flower, ladybug and bird buttons, (3) large graphic buttons, (4) assorted fruit buttons, (5) beads, (6) silver wire stars, (7) green shell buttons, (8) large purse/handbag frame, (9) printed ribbons, (10) sellotape with sheep design… (11) assorted novelty buttons, (12) more buttons, (13) wet wipes, (14) D-rings or handbag handles and soft toy eyes, (15) heart and star shaped shell buttons, (16) wire circles and stars, (17) enough batteries to power the world should it ever run out of electricity, (18) packets of tiny cute stickers, (19) oval shell buttons, (20) post-it note tabs, (21) elastic, (22) pom-pom makers, (23) highlighter pens, (24) row counters, (25) more D-rings
Yes, indeed, all absolutely essential. Who knows when I might go away for the weekend and absolutely need to make a large clasped handbag? After all, you can never carry too many novelty buttons with you.

Things that were in the bag but didn’t make it into the photographs were the stitch holders in the very top picture, a roll of dental floss that was hiding in a flapped-pocket (dual-purpose – for lifelines and flossing teeth), and six packets of soup which I thought were too stupid to photograph as I couldn’t remember why I have been carrying them for the last three months.

You’ll notice the distinct lack of yarn or project on-the-go. Well, of course these items deserve their own travel arrangements and now take the place of what space used to be designated for clothes. Know your priorities, knitters and crocheters of the world!

So now I am asking you, how does your knitting bag/craft box measure up?

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