WIP: Making Up

WIP: Making Up

I have finished the knitting section of my Tumbling Blocks cushion project and have diligently weaved in the 138 yarn ends. The cushion front has had a swim in a bath of Soak wool wash and is now blocking to a perfect 16×16″ square.

I am wet blocking the cushion front, rather than follow the pattern instruction to ‘Press carefully using a warm iron over a damp cloth’, because I am not domesticated enough to own an iron. I did own one once, but decided that it was never in use so threw it away. I know, I am a domestic goddess in every sense.

I am eagerly awaiting the cushion front being dry and so find myself checking it every half hour or so, even though it was still quite damp when I checked on it this morning. The blocking mats have done an entire tour of my room through the day as I move it from one warm and breezy spot to another as the sun makes it’s trip across the summer sky.

I just can’t wait for the next step in the making up process, where I get to sit down with my knitted cushion front, piece of co-ordinating fabric for the cushion back (a section of cloth included in the kit) and a zip I managed to lay my hands on.

I have a sewing machine (yes, that’s right. I have a sewing machine; in fact I have two sewing machines and yet no iron) but I think I am going to hand sew this project together. I have hand-sewn since I was about 6 years old. My Nan was a seamstress and taught me how to sew and embroider. Even she was amazed at the neatness and precision of my tiny stitches when I was younger, so it is something that I have always felt comfortable with and enjoyed. I find it relaxing and calming, and I think that will be the perfect way to finish this cushion which has been an exercise in patience.

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