I Carp?

I Carp?

I carp? I have carped? I have carpented? I have worked with sticks and yarn! Hold on; that’s what I always do. But this time I have worked with BIG sticks in a carpentry fashion. I have joined (two or more pieces of wood). OK, so I am no Thomas Chippendale (of the furniture rather than slimy oiled gyrating man fame), but today I sawed the end off of a broomstick! And with the use of a bit of duct tape and some scraps of yarn I made myself a niddy noddy:

OK, so it isn’t a beautifully turned and polished work of art, but even if I had the funds to spent £40+ on a ‘nice’ niddy noddy the Make Do And Fudge Together part of me would have sought out an alternative. So, for the grand total of £1.17 (68p broomstick, 49p duct tape) I have a fully functioning, perfectly operating niddy noddy with which to skein up my dyed yarns. I didn’t even trouble a hammer and nails for this Blue-Peterish bit of self-made woodworking.

If scientists ever manage to fully investigate the continental plate edges at the bottom of the ocean they will find that the earth is held together with duct tape and bits of string. I have no doubt that this niddy noddy will be around just as long as the continents. In fact, long after humans have become extinct, there will still be hastily constructed items all over the land, all held together, protected and maintained by duct tape and string. They will be our ‘fossils’ Beings millions of years from now will find these remains and wonder ‘what manner of creatures were these?’

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