FO: Tumbling Blocks Cushion

FO: Tumbling Blocks Cushion

I have finished piecing together and adding the finishing touches to my latest FO, Kaffe Fassett’s Tumbling Blocks cushion.

This is my first full scale intarsia project. Knitting the intarsia was not difficult at all, but it can test the patience. The key to success is definitely a combination of preparation (dividing the lengths of Rowanspun into equal length bobbins), the patience not to lose your temper when the 27 bobbins become tangled every few stitches, and consistency. Work out how you are going to deal with twisting together the sections of yarn where the colours meet and stick to it. As long as you twist the same way each time then it should look OK.

I also decided to use a zipper closure on the cushion.

The making-up instructions in the pattern seem to suggest that you sew each of the sides together to give a non-removable cushion cover, but I find that fibre-filled cushion pads tend to lose their squishiness after a while, and as I hope that this cushion will travel with me from home to home as I eventually move, and as I grow older I forsee that it is going to want laundering once in a while, so I wanted to be able to remove it to give it a spruce up and a new cushion pad from time to time.

The reverse of the cushion is made from a piece of 100% cotton fabric, so there was a bit of planning involved to balance the stretchy knitted front and un-yielding woven back, so I had to make sure that the front was blocked to the absolute correct dimensions before I hand-stitched the whole thing together. The fabric, a wonderful stripe, works wonderfully with the colours of the cushion front, but I guess you might expect that as it came as part of a kit. However, I have seen some of the other combinations of fabric/yarn that this kit came with, and I think this was by far the best marriage.

Giantmonk has declared the cushion to be the best thing I have ever knit, and he definitely has his eye on it, but for now it graces my armchair, my little place of solace, in a riot of colour, stripes and tumbling blocks. I do love it.

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