FO: Cloudy Yarn

FO: Cloudy Yarn

I have a lot of blogging to catch up with over the next few days. The socks that took their own little trip to the frog pond have since re-spawned (see how I slipped a frog related joke in there?) and are now half way to warming my feet. I have many pictures to take and many projects ready to spring excitedly from my mind. Whilst I wait patiently for my camera batteries to charge up to share such things with this blog, though, I have a picture from a dyeing experiment I embarked upon over a week ago:

Dyed with food colourings and citric acid, I was looking for a subtler combination of colours than the green and red colour-explosion which I made for myself as this skein was for a friend with slightly more refined taste than yours truly. Though the blue had a bit more ‘zing’ than I was truly intending I am happy with the overall effect and have a few more ideas for a couple of bare skeins I bought a while ago.

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