A Knit Unravelled

A Knit Unravelled

I wanted to update my blog with a post that was a bit more pleasant than that which I had to post earlier, so I thought I’d update you on the progress of my Diversion socks, from the Knitty website.

Whilst knitting Nan’s neverending jumper I sought out a side project, a diversion, and these socks were as good as their name:

I think this pattern is a great use of self-striping yarns, is full of interest and produces a great finished item… but I didn’t enjoy knitting them. I knit the endless short rows backwards and forwards so I didn’t have to turn the socks whilst working on them, I knit them together so they’d be complete at the same time, but I just didn’t enjoy the process of knitting them.

I put them down and picked them up. Knit a few short row sections then abandoned them for other pursuits. And then I gave in to the compulsion.

… and I frogged them. Yes, yes, I know. I promised you a cheerier post. This is one.

I no longer feel obliged to carry on knitting these socks, feeling like I must pick them up and knit on. Every stitch I unravelled was liberating. To so quickly undo something that was going to take me so long to complete, with the knowledge that I could turn that yarn into something that I enjoyed knitting was quite wonderful.

Now, after a few days of being in a knitting flump I am excited about and looking forward to whatever it might be that I choose to knit next.

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