WIP: Spring Greens

WIP: Spring Greens

I am attempting my first ‘full size’ yarn, spun with my drop spindle. By ‘full size’ I mean more than 10g, and I am throwing caution to the wind and trying to create a full 100g of yarn.

I am so new to this spinning lark that I don’t even know what that lump of fibre is called (is it roving, is it a ‘batt’, what are ‘wool tops’?), so excuse the lack of technical jargon in this post, but whatever it is, it is green. And merino. Beginners are apparently advised to avoid merino to start with as it is difficult to spin. As I said, my caution has all gone wind-wards and I decided to give it a go anyway.

I think I have spun about 25-30g of roughly fingering weight yarn so far and I feel like I have been spinning it for absolutely ages, but that is perhaps because I am taking time to try and get it relatively even in weight and twist. I am hoping to be able to fit about 50g of yarn on the spindle to make to 50g sections to ply into a roughly DK weight yarn of as yet indeterminate length, but of definite green-ness. I hope to be finished some time next week!

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