Tiny FO: From Fluff To Bag

Tiny FO: From Fluff To Bag

I took a little inspiration from wholesale stole Mooncalf’s idea for using tiny amounts of yarn and ‘borrowed’ her plans for little knitted bags for use with lavender sachets. I was looking for a way to use the few yarns of roughly fingering weight handspun yarn, and this little bag used every last yard of it.

This tiny bag was knit on size 2.25mm needles after having cast on 44 stitches. It’s nothing fancy, but the experience of knitting with my own handspun yarn was a lovely moment. Being able to make an object out of a long stretch of yarn is always amazing, no matter how long I have been knitting, and now being able to take a handful of fluff, spin that into yarn and then turn that yarn into a thing adds another magic ingredient into an already wizardly handling of yarn.

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