I’ve Been Dyeing To Try This

I’ve Been Dyeing To Try This

Surprise post is always the most lovely post – unless it is a surprise bill, in which case it is the most unlovely post, but bills were thankfully absent yesterday when a small but sweetly scented unexpected package arrived in the careful hands of my postman.

Inside was a ball of wool, some beautiful handmade soap, and this:

Now – most people would think that this was a gift of powdered soft drink sachets – thoughtful and fun. But as there is a good chance that most readers of this blog are interested in playing with yarn a good deal of you will be thinking ‘oh – dye stuffs!’, for yes, this humble powdered beverage contains enough colourant to take that undyed yarn and turn it into something far more arresting. Permanently.

To dye yarn you need four main things: colour, water, heat and acid. Acid? yes, but it’s not as scary as it sounds – most of the time this will be in the form of white vinegar, but when you are dyeing with Kool Aid the smell of white vinegar burning up your nostrils is thankfully avoidable, as those brightly coloured powders also contain enough acid to start a mid-80s music scene.

So with the addition of some waiting yarn (and I have some un-dyed handspun of my own just waiting to receive a nice colour treatment) I have a dyeing session awaiting me next week. Thankyou SO MUCH for this surprise package, friendly sender.

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