FO: Spring Greens Yarn

FO: Spring Greens Yarn

The Spring Green yarn I was spinning the endless single plys for is now complete. It has actually been complete for a while now, but I wanted to keep the final yarn a secret as it was for a friend’s birthday, but now that the birthday has actually come around, and the yarn has been received, I can show it to the world:

I am inordinately proud of my first skein of yarn. It is made from 100% merino fibre from SarasTextureCrafts on Etsy. It is a 2-ply yarn weighing 104g and measuring about 205m (225 yards) in length, and it took a couple of weeks. It is not perfect and there is obvious room for improvement, but I am so happy to have actually managed to spin so much fibre – enough for an actual project I hope, that the aching arms and trying to reach the deadline have all drifted into hazy memory.

I bundled the yarn up with a little card to which I sewed and attached a length of co-ordinating ribbon, some green glass beads and some emerald buttons, as well as three co-ordinating silver wire stars so the yarn could be used alone or with an embellishment. It was all packaged in a brown paper lunch bag which I meant to label ‘Eat Your Greens’, but my printer decided that it had done enough and has gone into retirement.

The most important thing is that the birthday girl reports that she likes it, so that makes it all worthwhile.

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