FO: Sleepy Hollow Socks

FO: Sleepy Hollow Socks
Ah, socks. Socks for me. I started these a few months ago but came to an abrupt stop after the first of the pair when I lost my collection of socks needles. I finally managed to replace the set and cast on for the second sock right away.

I really like the construction of these socks and the way the sole and heel are knit. They are top down and feature a ‘footprint’ that is the same as an actual foot – that is it is narrower across the bottom of the heel than it is across the underneath of the ball of the foot. I’m going to have to take a picture of the sole of the socks when I can rope in a deputy photographer as my contortionist skills were limited to laying on the floor with my feet on the wall to try and get a picture of the socks being worn.

I am hoping to use the same sock construction for some plain stockinette socks in the future as I love the way it hugs the foot in all the right places, widening at the point where the foot itself widens, and there’s no need to pick up any stitches or break and re-join yarn. Supoib!

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