WIP: Granny iS Too Hip To Be Square

WIP: Granny iS Too Hip To Be Square

The ‘problem’ with crochet, some would have you believe, is that in the eyes of folk uneducated in the ways of hook twirling it’s all acrylic granny squares.

The poor, misunderstood granny square. Coverer of sofas, cushions, and armchair rests throughout the seventies – usually in shades of brown, green and orange. Also sometimes seen as a covering for human beings – joined in any manner of combinations to make gilets and waistcoats, and any other boxy shaped garment you could cover in identical acrylic tiles.

I had never actually crocheted a granny square before the other day. I still haven’t, but I have made a hexagon.

I chose this motif as seen on Attic 24 as I thought that with a decent colour choice it would look like a flower in a ring of foliage and I am pretty happy with the appearance. Unfortunately it does share some features with the granny squares of old, most notably the habit of multiplying and replicating, slowly forming a colourful carpet of motifs over any unguarded furnishings.

2 thoughts on “WIP: Granny iS Too Hip To Be Square”

  • Love this, great use of the colours. I too like the hexagon, and am very tempted to also make a cushion. Think this would be a nice starting point before I try a blanket. Tfs

  • That cushion is adorable. How will you seal it closed without “half” hexagons though? I’ve found a great mini hexagon and I’ve made a bunch, but there’s no “half” pattern so I can’t really use it for the cushion. How did you do it without straight edges?

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