The Curious Tale Of Being Buttonless

The Curious Tale Of Being Buttonless

I couldn’t find a pair of buttons that I liked enough to provide a contrast to my hat, yet still compliment the design, nor blend in colour with the yarn to a degree that I found pleasing to the eye. Everything was too brash, under-saturated, or too cool a yellow to look nice. Some dark bronze buttons I managed to find were perfect, but just too big. Not even a high-board dive into my nan’s button stash (amassed over 60+ years of diligent button hoarding) turned up the perfect fasteners.

So, with this, we turn to the old adage; “if you want something done properly, do it yourself”. Actually, lets re-write that slightly, to; “if you are going to be so darn picky, do it yourself”. And I did.

I had a tiny nub of leftover polymer clay that I have lovingly conserved in and old shoebox full of junk, that I thought was just about perfect in colour to match the yarn I used for my latest hat. It wasn’t. It was too bright, too cool in tone, too lemon. I had to improvise a little as I had no other polymer clay to mix it with, but managed to make do with some ground-down artist’s pastels. I made a few different kinds of buttons to use the tiny bit of polymer clay up, but once they had baked hard I chose these simple elongated trapezoid shaped buttons as I liked the scale of them on the button band, and finally I was satisfied.

I now have closure on my closures.

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