Gauging My Disappointment – Sweater Disaster

Gauging My Disappointment – Sweater Disaster

I thought it was about time I put my twisty yarn around needles antics towards making something wholly encompassing and warm – a new sweater. It’s something that I always meant to do but never actually got around to doing – too much risk, too much time, too big a chance of failure. But, then, I had some yarn. About a simple, not too long sweater’s worth of heavily discounted, slightly strange yarn.

It’s taken me a while to find the right pattern – something that I have enough yarn for and that I don’t hate were the only two criteria, but they were surprisingly difficult conditions to fill. Eventually I settled on the ‘Yoke Detail Sweater’ from the Spring/Summer 2009 Debbie Bliss Magazine, and cast on.

I didn’t like the rolled stockinette edges, so I replaced those with some mistake rib rows and then knit happily on, checking and re-checking gauge. 24 sts per 4″ – perfect. I am spot on target, knit, knit, knit. Recheck: still 24 perfect stitches per perfects 4″. Perfect, perfect. I just need a perfect 30 rows per perfect 4″ to be perfectly perfect… But I am getting 36.

I don’t know why my row gauge is so off. I’d feel quite confident in adding the extra rows to make up the length, but I know that this will leave me too short on yarn, and as Rowan Soft Baby, in a shade described so aptly by HarleenQuinzel to be “just about the color of glow-in-the-dark stuff when it is not glowing” is long since discontinued, there is pretty much nil chance of me being able to get more.

I feel really quite disheartened, but I suppose it was just not meant to be. Curse my stupid short fat stitches!

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