FO: Pamplemousse Hat

FO: Pamplemousse Hat

I’ve been meaning to take some pictures of my new hat so I could write up my notes into a properly formatted pattern, but kept on getting side-tracked by the promise of my first ever jumper project. I finally set up my camera and took a few snaps this afternoon, so hopefully I can type the pattern out whilst I travel on the train tomorrow. I’ll choose a couple of pictures from the ones I took later, but for now here’s one that didn’t make the cut, for a preview of how the hat looks when it is being worn.

I haven’t actually decided on a name for this hat yet, but I may call it ‘Pamplemousse‘.

I am also now about 9cm (3½”) into my new jumper (‘jumper’ in the British usage, a term which so tickles an American knitter friend, and a ‘sweater’ to any readers from across the pond). At the rate I am knitting I hope to be complete ready in time for the next ice age, at which point I shall regret the lacy yoke and wish that I had knit a high-necked alternative design.

So, I am hoping that tomorrow’s return journey will be as uneventful as my trip down here, and that I can amuse myself with a combination of iPlayer downloads, knitting away on my jumper and typing up the pattern for the hat.

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