WIP: Thrills And Pills

WIP: Thrills And Pills

The Blue Winter hat is gathering pace as it approaches the finishing post. Despite being a nice, simple hat, this project represents a few minor firsts for me. For a start, I never knit with, or wear, blue. So, why did I buy this yarn? It was really cheap in a local closing down sale

Secondly, I have never knit a slouchy hat, and I keep worrying at the prodigious length that this hat has reached already. I can put the hat on, draw the needle through and cinch the top, and it fits fine – but I am going to press on with the remaining one and a half repeats of the charted pattern, because I’d like to add a new shaped hat to my winter wardrobe.

Thirdly, twisted stitches – how have I just discovered thee? Well, that’s not quite accurate – I knew that they existed and the thinking behind them, but have never before used them. I wonder how they compare in look, function and ease of completion with simple 2 stitch cables, made without a cable needle? If I have any remnants from the project and experiment may be in order.

I’ve knit with Rowan Pure Wool Dk several times before, and always found it a nice, basic yarn, but I do seem to have a lot of problems with pilling as I knit. Though it seems to wear pretty well, I often find fuzzy bits working their way off of the yarn before I even reach them with my needle, and a close-up detail of the brim shows the slight problem:

So, that’ll be one for the old clothes de-fuzzer once it’s complete.

I’m looking forward to getting this finished and piling all of my hair inside it on bad hair days (sure to be especially frequent during the blustery March ahead). Let’s just hope that blue doesn’t look terrible on me…

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