New Balls Please

New Balls Please

Emergency yarn from the Bay of E has arrived.

It may look unassuming, but this ball of yarn is a saviour. I couldn’t source a ball from the same dye-lot as the two I was originally knitting the hat with, and this salvage skein is significantly different in tone, hue and saturation from the original, and even the sheen of the yarn is different. The blue of the eBay purchase has a yellow undertone and just doesn’t have the saturation of the yarn I had bought in the Bluebird Beads closing sale, but as I am loathe to undo all of my knitting, I am going to try to slowly eek in the new shade a few lines at a time to get it to blend from one shade to another in a slow transition, even if I can’t make the difference disappear altogether.

Lesson learned.

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